poniedziałek, 16 grudnia 2013

Lost in thoughts

27. Silver necklace with cabochon pendant with detail from 'Zamyślona' by Olga Boznańska, 1897


Imprinted memories of catholic icons in form of earrings and silky necklace.

 24. Silver chain, yellow agate and cabochon pendants with Virgin Mary from Jasna Góra

 25. Golden chain, heart charm and cabochon pendant with Virgin Mary from Vilnius

26. Silk ribbon, oxidized chain and cabochon pendant with Virgin Mary from Zawada, sold

piątek, 13 grudnia 2013

Polish literature

Maria Konopnicka, the author of beloved children books, current hero of contemporary gender movement, always a stylish figure!

22. Metal brooch with cabochon pendant and amber heart

czwartek, 12 grudnia 2013

Shine on!

 20. Green and red always go great together, jablonex glass

 21. Party earrings from jablonex glass

22. Jablonex glass and Swarovski hearts in deep purple shade

niedziela, 8 grudnia 2013

Sunday gospel

Childhood memories of grandparens' living room and iconic images of the Catholic Church holy figures enchanted into cabochon earrings in two versions, plain and party.

 16. Silver chain, length - 8 cm

17. Jablonex glass beads, length - 6,5 cm

sobota, 7 grudnia 2013

Wyspiański mon amour

Even if you're not an art collector, you are going to love these earrings!

 14. Cabochon earrings with detail from 'Girl's Portrait' by Stanisław Wyspiański, ca 1900, sold

15. Cabochon earrings with detail from 'Sleeping Staś' by Stanisław Wyspiański, 1904

piątek, 6 grudnia 2013

Pedant's pendants - jewelry for cat art lovers

 11. Cabochon pendant with detail from 'Good Friends' by Marcus Stone, 1887

 12. Cabochon pendant with detail from 'Katzen und Marienkäfer' by Arthur Heyer, 1931

13. Cabochon pendant with detail from 'The Widow' by Frederick Dielman, end of 19th century

Winning beads

Niektórzy noszą odblaski, inni barokowe koafiury, ale ja znam znacznie lepszy sposób na bycie zauważonym - korolowe koraliki w uszach! Niekoniecznie dla Karoliny, niekoniecznie od Karola.

A certain way not to go unnoticed - colorful beads hanging merrifully in earlobes. You don't need anything else.

 6. Colorful marble and artificial coral, sold

 7. Colorful marble plus oxidized chain

 8. Pink agate, sold
 9. Orange agate, antique chain

10. Blue jade

czwartek, 5 grudnia 2013

Kingdom of birds

Rodzime ptaki zaklęte w kaboszonowych zawieszkach - tej zimy nigdzie nie odlatują.

European birds frozen in cabochon pendants in form of earrings - they will not fly overseas for winter time.

1. Parus major plus venetian glass

2. Passer montanus plus metal charms, sold

 3. Garrulus glandarius plus metal charms

4. Alcedo atthis plus colored marble

5. Cyanistes caeruleus plus colored marble