czwartek, 12 czerwca 2014

Did you miss me?

'Did you miss me?' a bunch of keys said to me after a two hours riot of scattering things around the apartment in desperate search for those tricky buggers.

'I missed you way too long! Now I won't lose you any more' I gasped and anchored them to chunky and colorful keychain I recently made.

Another small victory in world filled with chaos.

 59. Blue gray felt keychain decorated with navy blue ribbon. Fully upcycled, fully vegan (the felt fabric is acrylic).

 60. Crochet keychain in green shades, upcycled.

 61. This lovely tartan fabric used to be a shirt, now upcycled into heartshaped keychain in red serves other purposes. Punk's not dead!

62. Bold crochet keychain in orange shades. You will never miss it on a desk or in a handbag.

All of those items you can find in my Etsy store:

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